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Cosmic Kundalini, a bi-monthly newsletter, features information on how to navigate the particular energy of each full and new moon phase. Since the moon affects the tides and all bodies of water on earth, and since humans are made up of over 70% water, the moon has a major impact on us as well. 

Annie, Kundalini Yogini Goddess, as she is known in Cosmic Kundalini (CK) started the newsletter in September 2016 when she had an overwhelming urge to begin her next creative project. For years leading up to this moment, she had been writing about the meaning and energy of each full moon and new moon on her Instagram page, but she always felt the format was not right for what she wanted to say. Then one new moon, Annie knew it was time to expand her lunar tips into a newsletter. Cosmic Kundalini quickly blossomed to life, and has been a great source of joy for her every single day since.

In addition to the lunar-reading, each newsletter features helpful info on how to balance your chakras, practice yoga, and meditation. CK values the artist within every person, and always makes a point to feature the beautiful work of one of its subscribers.  In "Cosmic Community," Annie  features poetry, art or a short stories of a different CK subscriber.

The lessons in CK always come back to Yoga philosophy, Mother Nature, or Hindu philosophy, three of Annie's favorite things. Whether you are looking for spiritual guidance or practical ways to slow down and be more mindful, she makes her lessons easy to digest and inspiring for every person. 

She believes wholeheartedly that if we take better care of ourselves we are taking better care of the planet. 

Namaste ♥

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"Cosmic Kundalini is the most sincere & holistic way to stay cognizant & appreciative of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Yogini Goddess Annie has over a decade of knowledge & practice in the field. Her words of wisdom found in the Cosmic Kundalini email subscription have done wonders for my well-being. I am happy to call Annie a teacher, a friend, and a role model."
-Christopher Maiorino
"Annie, Miss Yogini Goddess herself, radiates love and bhakti. Her knowledge in astrology is enviable. As a teacher, she guides you through other realms and shares inner truths about yourself that even you had no prior (conscious) knowledge of. Her presence is intoxicating in and of itself, but as soon as she begins to share her studies, her knowledge, her dharma with you...well, the result is ethereal. Anyone even considering considering taking a class with her or simply chatting with her should stop reading this review now and reach out - trust me, you won't regret it."
-Allie Bright
"In addition to be an amazing yogi, writer and a person who radiates wisdom and light, Annie has a knack for sharing information in a way that is both inspiring and intriguing. For me, a person who gets a ton of email, getting the Cosmic Kundalini newsletter every other week is the highlight of my inbox! I love opening it, and taking a break from the chaos of my work day, to indulge in a world more existential, but none the less practical. It is filled with insights into the universe and the stars, plus tips, tricks and advice for ways to integrate yoga and meditation into your daily life. Even for those who aren't aligned with astrology, the wisdom and lessons that Annie provides have value for any person willing to let those lessons in. A sweet soul and a wonderful person, Cosmic Kundalini Yogini Goddess gets five stars in my book any day."
-​Izzy Martens